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Workspace ONE UEM Profile Migration Utility

version 1.6 — November 28, 2018

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Release Date: October 11, 2018


The Workspace ONE UEM Profile Migration Utility aides in moving Profiles between Workspace ONE UEM Consoles. This can be very helpful to programmatically migrate complex Profiles from UAT to PROD environments.

Note: Not all Profile payloads are supported within the AirWatch API.

  • Windows PC with .NET to run FLING
  • Access to Workspace ONE UEM source and destination Console
  • Ability to create API Admin with certificate authentication in Workspace ONE UEM Consoles
  • Internet Connection to source and destination Consoles


Please download the .PDF for instructions.

Version 1.6

  • Added a log file for more advanced troubleshooting and auditing. A new file in the folder called: WS1UEM-Profile-Migration-Utility-log.txt
  • Added logic to ensure the user has to hit Review button before Create
  • Fixed a bug where the Status wouldn't clear if selecting a new Profile therefore the user was unable to tell if the new Create Profile was successful