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Mar 02, 2022

Hello, I'm testing this fling out, and I'm currently receiving 404 errors

Exiting with error: Workspace ONE UEM api call failed with response: "NotFound (404)". Please check you have access to the requested resources and that the resources exist.

Confirmed I imported the role included in the fling and applied the role to my admin.
Tested with invalid credentials and made sure that the API does indeed connect.
I pass the UDID value, and it returns the hostname in response.

Thank you,

Mar 02, 2022

Hi Mike,

I'm seeing the same issue on my test environment with the latest version of UEM. Out of curiosity, what version are you using?

I'll investigate further and get back to you.

Mar 03, 2022

Thank you Max, on (2105)

Mar 28, 2022

Sorry for the delayed response.

The issue has been identified and will be fixed in a future build of UEM (I'll respond here when I know what version it'll be released in). We’re also looking into ways to fix on current versions.