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Workspace ONE Discovery

VMware Workspace ONE UEM is used to manage Windows 10 endpoints, whether it be Certificate Management, Application Deployment or Profile Management. The Discovery Fling enables you to view these from the device point of view and review the Workspace ONE related services, which applications have been successfully deployed, use the granular view to see exactly what has been configured with Profiles, view User & Machine certificates and see which Microsoft Windows Updates have been applied.

Discovery provides you a view of the Managed device and can be used to help with troubleshooting.

Runs on Microsoft Windows 10

Workspace ONE Discovery Instructions 

  • Discovery is designed to run on Windows 10
  • Download the file using the download button and unzip
  • Double-click the executable to launch

A brief synopsis of the application tabs is:

Overview – shows you who enrolled the device, which Workspace ONE UEM tenant it is enrolled to and which services are running in relation to Workspace ONE.

Packages – Lists the applications that have been installed by Workspace ONE UEM to the endpoint.

Profiles – Lists the changes made to the endpoint based on the profiles pushed by Workspace ONE UEM.

User Certificates – Lists the user certificates installed on the endpoint.

Machine Certificates – Lists the device certificates installed on the endpoint.

Windows Updates – Lists the Windows Updates installed on the endpoint

February, 16, 2021 - Version 1.2

  • Replaced icon

January 14, 2021 - Version 1.1

  • Updated application icon (ICO)
  • Monitoring the VMware Horizon Client, VMware Digital Experience Telemetry and VMware Hub Health services