Jun 04, 2022

You still haven’t fixed the issue of. It being able to connect to VM’s. I have to connect to the ESXi host to access the VM’s on that host. This makes the app largely useless.

Mar 17, 2022

Great App, almost what I was looking for. There is one major drawback though, which makes it impossible for me to work efficiently with the App.
My VMs use German keyboard layout. The App doesn't recognize the correct keys. For instance y and z are swapped. Even switching between German and English layout doesn't resolve the Problem.
So: If I use QWERTZ keyboard, hitting z produces y. When I switch to QWERTY keyboard the same key (now y) produces z. That wouldn't be to bad, but handling special characters like |!*+- and so on is not possible, all the keys produce wrong characters.
Please help, I can't find instructions on how to find the right configuration.

Thanks in advance for yout help.

Mar 17, 2022

Sorry forgot to write about my environment:
iOs 15.3.1
vsphere mobile client 2.2.2
ESXI vmware 7.0 Update 2


Mar 18, 2022

Hey Claus,

apologies but unfortunately the app does not handle internationalization at all currently. We plan to spend some time to improve the console in the near future and will consider addressing this issue specifically for the console. Make sure you follow up on the release notes to see if this feature has been integrated.

Thank you for your feedback - please do not hesitate to write back if you find other issues using the app or you have some suggestions on what else could be added.

Nov 16, 2021

Hi there, i've just try download vSphere Mobile Client app on my phone and everything going well when i use this app.

And can i use 2FA when i login into my vCenter through vSphere Mobile Client?
or maybe additional authentication just like biometric ID, Face ID, or touch ID?
or i could make a login into my vCenter using SSO just like when i login through web-based vCenter?

your answer really help for me. thank you.

Feb 11, 2022

Greetings Andre,

yes - you can use the mobile application to connect to your vSphere vCenter server. You have the option to use username & password login or fingerprint / face ID. Recently some of our users have indicated they have some issues with the fingerprint login, but we still haven't identified the issues - it is most likely related to specific devices or operating systems

Aug 10, 2021

When is this app going to be fixed to allow VMs to be opened from the VSphere console? Currently they can only be opened when the app is connected directly to an ESXI host.

Sep 08, 2021


Unfortunately - as this is a volunteer project - we can't really commit to a timeline.
Would the version of vSphere you would be using be newer than 6.5?

I believe that the first version of the fix would work on the latest versions of vCenter, as making it work on older versions would be harder.