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Mar 28, 2016

Huge step forward!

It might be more convenient to have all 3 items zipped up to facilitate a single download.
Additionally I am hoping that a locked account would unlock after a while to retry passwords rather than constantly having to redeploy an appliance. Can this maybe be clarified in the release notes?

Mar 28, 2016

I had this issue when running a pre-release version because I did not RTFM and missed the default password in the doc. We've discussed how this should be in the future and I believe Dennis is on his way to resolving that in a later release (allowing you to specify your own password at deployment).

As for the lockout, its frustrating, and I'm not sure how long the lockout stays in place for but I know when it locked me out (late at night) I was able to login in the morning. So, it WILL eventually unlock, I just don't know what the timeout is set to currently

Mar 28, 2016

We originally had it zipped, but updating individual files is easier, as then you will only have to download the OVA in the future.

Also the password thing is probably something we can fix in the future, but its always hard to strike a balance between security (lockout) and usability.