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Mar 15, 2020

Hi, i couldnt find out why it gives me this error so maybe you can help me.

We are using VCSA 6.0 iwth latest updates.
I installed this fling and configured it via https://flingip:5490
If found the VCSA server and got the config files everything without error.
Then after goint to https://flingip/ui it always tells me the following error:
Failed to connect to VMware Lookup Service - https://VCSAip/lookupservice/sdk.
I hope you can help. If you need further info dont hesitate to contact me

Mar 25, 2020

Can you please share the exact version of VCSA you are using so I can try to reproduce it.

Best regards,
Kaloyan Iliev

Mar 25, 2020

Also I need to know if you have internal or external PSC?
And if external what type it is?