Jun 14, 2019


I installed the HTML5 fling in order to use code capture. The HTML client works - I am able to log in, and see the UI, but the code capture red button is missing.
I installed the fling from h5ngcVA- with VCSA 6.5 build 4944578
Is there anything I have missed in the installation steps, or something else is wrong?

Jun 14, 2019

Hi Kris,

the code capture feature (and the red button) is hidden by default. In order for it to appear, you have to navigate to Developer Center > Code Capture, and enable code capture through the toggle. The setting will be persisted across sessions, so you won't have to enable it every time.

Jun 14, 2019

Hello Martin,

Thank you for the swift reply! After enabling it, it works, and I was able to record the needed action - it is a life-saver :)

Kind Regards,