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Nov 17, 2021

This instantly solved several problems I've been plugging away at but couldnt figure out.

Curious under Core FIle check why that would fail. Number of core files: 31

Nov 17, 2021

Hi Kevin, Thanks for sharing the feedback, we are delighted to hear that VDT has helped you in resolving issues within your environment.

Regarding the core file check.

There are a few primary reasons for this test. The first is indented to help identify if there are services that have been crashing. Most of the services in VC will write out a core file if the service crashes. So as part of the overall tests we wanted to highlight if there are core files in the folder. As an example, lets say you have an issue where intermittently your unable to login to VC. You run the VDT tool and find out that there's a number of core files from one of the services as example likewise. You can now go look at the core folder, if you see a pattern that every hour there's a new core for the likewise service. In this way you may already know exactly where to look to better understand what's causing the intermitted logging issues. A quick check of the service that's writing out cores may lead you to an immediate understanding of what's causing the issue in question. Net, Net any time there's core files they are worth looking at to see if they are recent and if they are related to the issue(s) being experienced.

The second reason is log collection. In this example lets say that a few months ago you had an issue in your VC, that issue was one where services where crashing. At that time the issue would have created core files. Now today, your checking you VC due to a new and unrelated issue. Lets also say that you run the VDT tool and it comes back clear except for the core check, your likely next step will be to file an SR with VMware support, and we are very likely going to ask for a log bundle. Now that you know that the cores on the VC are from many months ago, you can safely remove the files. The will assist when you are asked to upload logs. The overall log bundle may be smaller, if the cores are cleared from the system before log bundle is collected.

The last reason for the Core file test, is disk space. Lets say you had an issue a year ago, that issue was one where VC had a service crashing over and over. If the repeated crash of the service has lead to the core partition filling up (or close to full), then down the road should you experience a similar but different problem you might run into a situation where there is no space left to save new core files, making it harder to investigate issue.

Nov 17, 2021

Thanks for the quick response and explanation! Again, great tool!