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vSphere Console for Kubernetes

version 0.11 — August 29, 2022

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VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid (TKG) is a great product for managing the lifecycle of Kubernetes clusters. It is very convenient to provide Kubernetes as services for tenants.

You can leverage Tanzu Mission Control (TMC) to manage TKG in graphical user interface (GUI), but this solution not available for air-gapped TKG environments.

vSphere Console for Kubernetes is a graphical tool that allows you to manage both TKGs and TKG in an air-gapped environment.

The main functions include cluster creation, upgrade, scaling, backup and recovery, and the management of addon packages (fluentbit, promethues, octant, contour, etc.).

With this solution, users and partners can make better use of VMware products and accelerate the consumption of underlying SDDC resources.


  • vSphere Enterprise Plus
  • Tanzu Kubernetes Grid
  • Instructions

    Please download the guides in either English or Chinese from the Download box on the left.


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