Starting from version 8.4, vRealize Operations covers most functionality of this Fling. Please use the vRealize Operations Manager's features instead of third party applications where possible. This Fling is not being updated or supported, so comments or bugs need not be posted.
Mar 03, 2019

Can this be used in windows OS .

Mar 03, 2019

Hello Anbu,

This fling is developed for and tested on Linux (many variations) and OSX operating systems.
If you want to have it working on Windows, please create a feature request in "Bugs" section.

Mar 04, 2019

Thank you Gor ghazaryan

Sep 26, 2018

One more thing.
I had to do the following to make the startup script work:
vim /etc/init.d/imset
:set fileformat=unix

Sep 26, 2018

Thanks for pointing this out. I have updated the line endings in all text files. The downloadable content will be updated here soon.

Sep 20, 2018

Hello, Dag,

First you need to create a slack Incoming Webhook (

In your webhook settings, select the channel you want to send to, copy the generated URL and target your alerts to that URL. This is done by setting the remote.url property in in file (see instructions).

Sep 20, 2018

How did You connect this to a Slack channel?