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vRealize Network Insight Toolkit

version 1.0 — September 09, 2021

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Kickstart automation with vRealize Network Insight with the toolkit! This appliance-based Fling deploys right next to your vRealize Network Insight deployment and provides you with the following features:

  • The vRealize Network Insight Python and PowerShell SDKs are pre-installed and ready for use.
  • Web-based VMware HCX integration:
    • First use Application Discovery to form applications in vRNI, then use this integration to synchronize the applications to VMware HCX as Mobility Groups to have a seamless migration experience.
  • Web-based Migration Planner:
    • Are you looking to migrate applications or entire networks to another location? The network requirements are often forgotten, but not with vRealize Network Insight.
  • This integration generates network requirements by connecting to vRNI, doing custom search queries, and generating a summary Excel sheet that lists those exact requirements:
    • Intra, Inter, East-West, North-South, Internet traffic for different "Network Groups."
    • A Network Group consists out of VLANs or other networks that you specify in the workflow.

The vRNI Toolkit is an experimental platform for features that are not native in vRNI; expect a lot more coming up!


  • vSphere 6.5+
  • 2 vCPU
  • 4GB RAM
  • 20GB Disk


Deploy the OVA to vCenter

  1. Select “Deploy OVF Template” in vCenter 
  2. Input your virtual machine name, and select the folder, compute resource
  3. Review and accept the template details 
  4. Select your datastore 
  5. Select your virtual machine destination network 
  6. Configure the appliance properties, like:
    1. Hostname, IP address (static or dhcp), CIDR, gateway, DNS servers, domain, and NTP servers
  7. After the deployment is done, start the appliance
  8. Wait until the provided IP shows in the VM summary

Initial Setup

  1. Visit https://[appliance-ip-address]
  2. Enter the details of your vRealize Network Insight installation: IP or hostname, and temporary credentials (only IP or hostname is saved)
  3. Accept the SSL thumbprint if it's valid
  4. Start using the Toolkit!


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