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vRealize Automation Health Monitor

version 1.0 — June 29, 2022

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vRealize Automation Health Monitor Fling that is a one-stop-shop application, which provides you with all the necessary information to monitor the health of the vRealize Automation. The entire application is built in Python, Flask and Clarity, and does not require a database.

Run this application/Docker Image with the configuration shown below:

2 CPU, 2GB Memory and 10GB storage.

The application provides visibility on below points:

  • Root user details
  • Consumed Disk storage
  • Status of all micro-services related to VRA like Catalog, Provisioning and Approval etc.
  • Different databases and their storage consumption
  • List of available docker images with their memory and storage consumption
  • List of all Kubernetes pods


  • Docker should be installed
  • vRealize Automation 8.x
  • SSH should be running on the appliance and a Max session should be set to 7.
  • 2 CPU, 2GB Memory and 10GB storage




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