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VMware vRealize Operations Docker 1.0 Adapter

The Docker Management Pack for vRealize Operations Manager collects performance data from monitored container and image objects in your Docker environment. In addition, this Fling provides predictive analysis and real-time information about problems in your Docker infrastructure.

A management pack is a plugin of sorts that can be installed into vRealize Operations Manager 6.x. It provides context and relationships to existing objects inside vRealize Operations Manager (like Docker to images to container) and collects the performance data and properties of the Docker system.

ScreenShot (1)
  • vRealize Operation Manager 6.x

Install the adapter by uploading and installing the Docker .pak file into the Administration > Solutions pane in vRealize Operations Manager. Once it is installed, create the adapter instance like any other adapter. Provide the Docker machine IP and credentials (username and password).

SSH should be enabled on the Docker machines from which the solution pack is collecting the data.