Jun 12, 2021


I ran the OS Optimization tool (and selected all which I won't do again) and I'm sure I set the Background in the common area to Blue, but I'm not 100% sure. The background was black and now I need to change it to Blue.

I reran the OS Op tool and it didn't change the color.
I removed the Local GPO setting User Config, Admin Temp, Desktop, Desktop, Desktop Wall Paper and reran the Tool. Now the Gold Image background is Blue. I recomposed my pool and logged in with a brand new user, but the background for the user is still black.
Any suggestions on how to change this so all users have a Blue background?


Jun 10, 2021

Hi All,

Can I get some insight into the reasoning behind why disabling MDM registration is recommended and set to disable it by default?

Is there a performance gain of some sort? Is this setting targeted to instant clones more so than a full clone?

Jun 10, 2021

You are right, this is something that came from Microsofts tweaks and one of the things that has already been removed from the next version (which we are currently finalizing). We removed all tweaks that we consider personal preferences that have no performance gains, loose more functionality then gain performance, or that where already default in the currently supported Windows versions (we went from 821 to 505 optimizations).

Next version of OSOT works out of the box with Workspace One UEM.

Jun 10, 2021

We are actually changing that setting so that we do not disable MDM registration.

We are currently testing the next release of the OSOT that will include a reduced set of optimizations. We felt that over time we had added many that didn't necessarily have much of an impact on performance. Some also apply restrictions or remove functionality from the user and are better suited to be applied (if required) through a GPO or DEM policy.

Our testing so far has shown that this reduced set of optimizations still give the same performance gains as the old set.

Until we release that version (hopefully in the next couple of weeks) you are safe to deselect the setting that disables MDM registration.

Jun 10, 2021

Thank you both for the quick response and the information. I'm happy to hear of the impending changes, because the OSOT in its current iteration is a bit... overwhelming.

If you need a beta tester, let me know.


Jun 10, 2021

Ha, we started typing a similar story before the other finished his.

Jun 04, 2021

Hello Team,

in OSOT I like to use LGPO to see with RSOP the local policies. And this tool makes me crazy, because after each Finalize process, all manual registry-changes are reverted back.

I have already mentioned the best example here: https://flings.vmware.com/vmware-os-optimization-tool/comments/19427/thread

I was wondering for a long time why the Wallpaper value always came back after Finalize. Now it is clear to me, it is because of LGPO!

LGPO creates in each Finalize the local policies from the Files: C:\Windows\System32\GroupPolicy\User\Regitry.pol and C:\Windows\System32\GroupPolicy\Machine\Registry.pol

I wonder now: Are the two User and Machine Registry.pol files written and modified only once when starting the very first Optimize process?

I ask because I have changed the Optimize template so that e.g. the Wallpaper-Value should not be written anymore. And this shoud be reflected in the Regitry.pol files as well. (I can't parse that files at the moment because I don't have access to that Horizon-Infrastructure at the moment).

But it just comes again and again after the Finalize process.

Am I right with my assumption?

Jun 04, 2021

No, as part of the LGPO action we export all policy registry keys. So, the action writes everything that's in the policy registry keys at that point in time to the pol files.

Jun 03, 2021


did someone noticed that Application whit an service wont run event if they stand on automatic? After reverting Osot Optimization the Service starts as expected. I am not sure which configuration made these changes but i am looking into that.


Jun 04, 2021

Sounds like that service might be dependent of another service that is disabled by OSOT. Or maybe it needs other functionality. What kind of application/service is it?

Jun 04, 2021

Nonsense it wasn't Osot there was just a conclusion to osot because i made several changes like Osot andCarbon Black...

Jun 04, 2021

Only seeing this after replying. ;)