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Sep 20, 2021

Hi, I'm using OSOT MDT Plugin to automate template creation and maintenance. However, have noticed that, when using the OSOT task sequence in environments without internet connectivity, the task sequence halts during Generalize at the OOBE screen: "Let's connect you to a network." After some googling, I found that adjusting the parameters "SkipMachineOOBE=true" and "SkipUserOOBE=true" could possibly fix this (Although deprecated). When doing Generalize using OSOT manually, it is possible to edit the unattend.xml to add these settings, but is it possible to add this to the Generalize section of the OSOT Task sequence? In that case would that be done in the osot.xml-file, and if so, how could I test that?

Sep 05, 2021

Hi, I have only used OSOT so far with default Win 10 template. I want to give users ability to change desktop. I also tried changing the solid background colour via common options but after optimizing and redeploying pool it does not stick. What gives?

Sep 07, 2021

A bit more detail the above

Up until now I have only used OSOT with the default Windows 10 template as it worked fine for me.
I now have to make changes to my existing optimized image and I feel they are not sticking.
To keep it simple for testing purposes, I changed the set wallpaper to solid color value.
When I optimize this setting is visible in registry. Re-analyze confirms this too. And I can see in my master that the background as effectively changed.
When I redeploy the pool I do not get the new colour and old value shows up in registry.
I also tested this with other background related settings and the behaviour is the same. Shows in master after optimizing but not in desktops when I redeploy pool.
What am I doing wrong? Very frustrating....

Sep 13, 2021
Sep 03, 2021

After using OSOT tool (2106) users have to hit refresh to see changes of files in a folder. For example creating a new file or copying a file. What setting is causing this? I've looked over the list quite a bit and cannot find it.

Sep 03, 2021

I use WIN10 20H2 to be a template
before i use this tool -VMwareHorizonOSOptimizationTool-x86_64-2107,all syspre by deploy on VC running is OK
after using VMwareHorizonOSOptimizationTool-x86_64-2107 to Optimize the tempate.
,all syspre by deploy on VC blocks and failure