This Fling has been replaced by an official product release with the Windows OS Optimization Tool for VMware Horizon. Version 1.0 (2111) can be downloaded from VMware Customer Connect.

VMware will not be responding to comments any longer because this Fling is no longer being updated.

Jan 06, 2023

We started building a new image and came back here to ensure we had the latest OSOT version. Saw the notice that it's been made into an official product release.

Just want to say congrats and thank you for such a wonderful tool!

Jan 09, 2023

BTW, there should be a new release of the OSOT coming out very soon.

Nov 29, 2022


does anyone know a download link for version 2106, please


Tom Gorzki

Nov 30, 2022

Curious as to why you would want an older version?

Dec 07, 2022

Which version is latest before project moving to product ?
In version 1.0 no download public template feature :(
Is possible download public other template ?

Dec 08, 2022

We removed the public template repository quite a while ago. It had too many risks as the public templates could contain any configuration settings but were seen as being somewhat official (even though they were not). They also caused confusion.

You can copy the built-in template to create your own. You can also export them to XML and copy them between environments. We see that functionality as being sufficient to allow you to customize the template to your needs but not run the risk of using an unknown authors template.

Aug 28, 2022

Hello! Please tell me how to download the version for Windows Server 2016? I get "Nothing to download yet." instead of download link.

Aug 30, 2022
Aug 09, 2022

Has anyone figured out how to implement custom osot templates into MDT? All I'm seeing is the preconfigured VMware Template and no obvious way how to import your own custom ones.
Thank you in advance!

Aug 10, 2022

Copy your template file into the same folder as the OSOT executable (..Deployment\VMware\OSOT)

You will then be able to select it when editing the task sequence Optimize step.

Aug 10, 2022

Thank you Graeme. I did try this, but I had exported my selections from the Optimize pane of the tool rather than from the Template pane. This type of export resulted in a json file rather than xml. I figured this was a file format change but after reading your reply I realized I had to go back to the tool to have another go and figured out what I had done wrong.

Thank you so much for responding eventhough this fling has bend productized.