VMware Modified Enhanced SCAP Content Editor

version 1.0 — July 19, 2016

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Release Date: July 14, 2016


VMware Modified Enhanced SCAP Content Editor is an updated version of the Enhanced SCAP Content Editor tool by G2, Inc, and is an open source project, vmware-scap-edit, on GitHub. The modified tool builds on similar capabilities but few subtle differences required to build OVAL content based on latest OVAL schema. The major changes done by VMware are as below:

  • Added support for OVAL 5.11 for Independent, Unix, Linux and Windows schemas
  • Added support for XCCDF 1.2 creation from OVAL
  • Refreshed the tool with modern UI
  • Dropped broken capabilities from previous versions of the tool
  • Dropped obsolete schemas and all other seldom used features
  • Updated libraries to latest versions
  • Updated CPE version to 2.3
  • Restructured the code
  • Removed obsolete and unneeded libraries

These changes make the tool simple and intuitive to build OVAL content specially aligned with the latest 5.11 OVAL schema. Also, it can now create XCCDF 1.2 content directly from OVAL file.

Note: This tool and the documentation below assumes that you are fairly aware of SCAP, OVAL, XCCDF and the surrounding scheme of things. If you are not, please take a moment and familiarize yourself with these before proceeding further.

  • A Java Runtime Environment (JRE) preferably 1.8 or later.
  • 1 GB of memory.
  • Supported OS – Microsoft Windows and Linux (with support for JRE).
  1. Extract the VMware SCAP Edit 1.0.0.zip file from vmware-scap-edit.
  2. Navigate to the extracted directory.
  3. If you are running a Microsoft Windows system, execute startEditor.bat file. This will launch the tool. If you are running a Linux system, execute startEditor.sh file to launch the tool.

These scripts will call Java with the appropriate arguments. These can be edited if you need to give Java more memory or set some other system property. Editing these files is only recommended for advanced users.

Go to the project site, vmware-scap-edit, for more information.

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