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Apr 13, 2022

Veba "looks" to have deployed ok... however if I visit https://vebafqdn/status/vcenter i get "404 page not found" and no plugin within the vSphere UI (vSphere 7.0.3d). I looked at Williams workaround for "no healthy upstream" but don't this fix will work on my config (using latest veba ova also).

Apr 13, 2022

Ignore this folks, I've redeployed and fixed :)

Mar 03, 2022

If I wanted to pull images from an internal harbor, how would I configure this to accept that internal CA? I know we can skip tag resolving altogether with the registriesSkippingTagResolving tag by editing the config-deployment but I would like to add my CA cert properly if possible but can't figure out how

Mar 08, 2022

Hi Michael,
I did see that but the new KNative version of the appliance seems to ignore the docker settings and has its own. I did find this, but I can't figure out how to apply it in this appliance because their example is missing the selector, which makes sense since it would be different in every appliance.

Jan 07, 2022

Hi, I was able to deploy VEBA and I received welcome screen with Appliance configuration and Appliance Provider Status.

However veba did not integrate with vCenter. I don't have plugin in and if I am go to https://applaince/status/vcenter I am receiving info "no healthy upstream".

I used user with more then read rights, so there should be no issue.

Maybe some service did not started, however I reboot appliance and still no joy.

Any hints, please?

Jan 07, 2022
Dec 16, 2021

Hi, I am unable to download VEBA appliance . Error displayed page is currently down or permanently moved . KIndly , confirm on the same if any new URL to download it .

Dec 16, 2021

Hi Hemant,

Sorry about that, it should now be fixed

Dec 16, 2021

Thanks William for quick fix !!