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Apr 17, 2020

Not sure if I'm understanding the changelog correctly, but having the virtual appliance Next Unit Percentage value default to 90% when the F@h client defaults to 99% will have a negative impact on the bonus points calculation since the timer for the Work Unit will start as soon as it's downloaded, not when it starts processing.

Apr 17, 2020
Apr 17, 2020

Hello, you are correct that it is something that you would want to tune based on your environment to achieve maximum bonus points. This is the value we use internally and have seen great success with keeping our systems folding.

You are welcome to set it to any number you wish or remove the entry from the config file completely.

Apr 17, 2020

Could I get clarification on the changelog on what "Workload Unit Percentage" means?

Apr 17, 2020

Are there any plans to update the vmware-fah-automation scripts to configure http proxy settings for the FOH appliance?

Apr 17, 2020

The scripts are just meant as an example, if you wish to configure other properties, simply inspect the OVA using something like ovftool to see the various settings.

Here's quick output of the OVF keys which you would substitute into the script for your specific deployment

Key: guestinfo.hostname
Description: Hostname of system
Key: guestinfo.ipaddress
Description: IP Address of the system (Leave blank for DHCP)
Key: guestinfo.netmask
Description: Network CIDR Prefix
Key: guestinfo.gateway
Description: Gateway of the system (Leave blank for DHCP)
Key: guestinfo.dns
Description: DNS Servers (space separated)
Key: guestinfo.domain
Description: DNS Domain
Key: guestinfo.ntp
Description: NTP Servers (space separated)
Key: guestinfo.http_proxy
Description: Enter HTTP Proxy Server followed by the port and without typing
Key: guestinfo.https_proxy
Description: Enter HTTPS Proxy Server followed by the port and without typing
Key: guestinfo.proxy_username
Description: Username for the Proxy Server
Key: guestinfo.proxy_password
Description: Password for the Proxy User
Key: guestinfo.no_proxy
Description: No Proxy for e.g. your internal domain suffix. Comma separated
Key: guestinfo.root_password
Description: Password to login in as root. Please use a secure password
Key: guestinfo.enable_ssh
Description: Enable SSH
Key: guestinfo.fah_username
Description: Username to credit F@H Contribution
Key: guestinfo.fah_team
Description: F@H Team ID (default: 52737)
Key: guestinfo.fah_passkey
Description: F@H Passkey - Obtain unique key from
Key: guestinfo.fah_mode
Description: F@H Mode
Key: guestinfo.fah_gpu
Description: Enable GPU
Key: guestinfo.fah_web_remote_networks
Description: Remote networks allowed to connect to F@H Web Management
Key: guestinfo.fah_remote_networks
Description: Remote networks allowed to connect to F@H system
Key: guestinfo.fah_remote_pass
Description: Password to configure for remote F@H management
Key: guestinfo.fah_console_stats
Description: Enables Top statistics and F@H Log details in VM Console. Use
Key: guestinfo.debug
Description: Enable Debugging
Key: guestinfo.fah_next_unit_percentage

Apr 16, 2020

Are there any plans to ship a K8S version of this? A Docker Compose variant would work too.

Apr 16, 2020

For those running macOS, this may be a simpler way of contributing:

brew cask install folding-at-home
open /Applications/Folding@home/