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Oct 09, 2022

Can the vROPs right sizing recommendations be integrated with PowerVMDSC or Powershell script?

Oct 09, 2022

As long as you can get the recommendations into a csv should be able to pipeline together get-vm (for uuid) and add-VMDSC into a foreach loop leveraging Import-csv. I’ll write a blog post on it this week.

Oct 07, 2022

I have an issue with GetSessionID from Postman

When I hit "Send", it takes a couple of seconds and then this error:

POST https://vmdsc.mydomain.local:8´010/auth/login
Error: connect ETIMEDOUT xxx.xx.xx.xx:8010

The log does'nt give me any errors at all, just:

[36mINFO[0m[Fri Oct 7 09:00:25 UTC 2022] main.(*VcConnect).connect-fm - Connecting to VC and creating a VC Client
[36mINFO[0m[Fri Oct 7 09:00:25 UTC 2022] main.loadVCConfigJSON Loading VC Config file from: /home/vmdsc/app/config/vcConfig.json

I have tried to connect to port 8010 but it seems like the VMDSC doesn't listen at all on that port

The "Get VM UUID" works without any problems at all and populates the variables nicely

*I also had an issue with the root account, but this was solved when I connected to the VM Console and logged in using the default password. Then I was asked to change it to a new one. This solved the root access for me.

Oct 09, 2022

Did you use a static IP or DHCP, and is your vCenter using a signed cert or a self signed? It sounds like your appliance isn’t talking to vCenter, so you would want to look at networking, DNS, and certs. Delete and redeploy of VMDSC appliance with static IP and DNS servers (and look at CA field if using signed certs) is probably fastest way to fix.

Oct 09, 2022

Machine SSL Certificate
Valid until Feb 3, 2024
Private Key and Certificate chain

VMware Certificate Authority
Valid until Jul 4, 2028

STS Signing Certificate
Valid until Jul 4, 2028

Trusted Root Certificates
Valid until Jul 4, 2028

Oct 09, 2022

I use static IP and DNS when I deploy. Have redeployed it a couple of times now but get the same result. We use self signed certs. I can SSH to the the VMDSC and from the appliance I can ping the vcenter server. They are sitting on the same network with no FW etc between them.

Oct 04, 2022

Can VMDSC right size all the VMs OS versions?

Rightsizing of a Linux VM didn't work for me.

Oct 04, 2022

Hi Antonio, we don't have an explicit dependency on a VM's OS. Ideally, VMDSC should rightsize any VM.

Could you check what the error messages say in the VMDSC log file under `/home/vmdsc/logs`? Thank you!

Oct 04, 2022

Thanks Pranay Pareek. I was able rightsize a Linux VM with VMDSC. It seems in my environment that I have to wait at least about 10-12 minutes after the settings have been applied before rebooting the Linux VMs.

Windows VMs after waiting 5 minutes before rebooting

Sep 26, 2022

I have been trying to get my installation to connect to the vCenter, but while it is able to get the session ID, it fails when running the getVMiD script. When I try to connect with winscp to the appliance (or even putty) as mentioned in a reply below (/home/vmdsc/logs) it seems to not be using the root password I provided when the OVA was staged, so I can't get to the logs.

The presentation at VMware Explore was quite insightful, and I would really like to get this deployed in our environment.

Oct 03, 2022

I managed to reset the Root password (it didn't seem to be using the one I gave it when I staged to OVA) which has let me get to the logs, which are showing an x509 certificate error when I run the getVMID from Postman. GetVCSessionID works fine, if that matters.

Any observations or pointers would be welcome.


Oct 04, 2022

Hi Matthew,

Thank you for trying out VMDSC. I've been able to reproduce the password issue you're facing and we should have an update for you soon!

Will keep you posted on this thread.

- Pranay

Oct 07, 2022


Could the root password issue potentially be related to the SSL cert error I am getting now?

Oct 10, 2022

Hi Matthew,

The root password issue shouldn't be related to the SSL certs error :thinks:

We realized that the root password issue is an issue we had faced during development and didn't find a way around because of its unpredictability. We documented this in our User Guide (`VMDSC_User_Guide_v1.4.pdf`) on Page 70 of 71 (excerpt below)

* What is the VMDSC appliance default root password?
-> The root password should get changed to the provided value upon OVA deployment. However, if this fails to complete successfully, the default root password is VM3dsc1! (including the !)


Beyond that, are you using custom certificates? If yes, could you please confirm that the URL to your certs store looks fine?

If you are not using custom certificates, could you ssh into the appliance, and verify if you can ping your VC using its FQDN from inside the appliance? (Just to make sure DNS works)

Thank you!