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Apr 14, 2022

Hi Steve,
Thank you for this amazing fling.
We've tried to use it in our environnement, in an automation workflow.

Why does it return only the first 10 elements ?

I'm creating configurations for over 1000+ virtual machines at the same time. The workflow is doing well.

But i was expecting the API call "/configs" to return a complete JSON with all the pendings configurations, not only 10.

Thank you,
Have a nice day,

Apr 15, 2022

Hi Bryan,

The "GET /configs" API uses pagination. Apologies we missed mentioning this in the documentation.

To get all your configs, you can use the following query parameters:

* "start": indicates the starting point in your stored configs that you'd like to start fetching from, beginning at 0
* "count": the number of configs beginning from "start" that you would like to fetch, maximum count is 10

"GET /configs?start=&count="

e.g. Currently, hitting "GET /configs" returns the first 10 configs

And, hitting the API route with "start=1" and "count=10" will give you the next 10 configs stored in VMDSC (from 1 to 11)

* "GET /configs?start=0&count=10" fetches the first 10 configs
* "GET /configs?start=10&count=10" fetches the the next 10 configs
* ... and so on

If you could iterate over "start" in a loop in your scripts, you should be able to fetch all your configs.

Moreover, we appreciate the feedback, and we'll make it easier for you to use this API in the next release (coming very soon in the next few days).

You will be able to get all your configs by just hitting the "GET /configs" API route, and still be able to use pagination if you would prefer.

We are very excited to hear that you're creating configurations for 1000+ VMs! Please feel free to reach out to Steve (stilkens at vmware . com) and me (ppranay at vmware . com), we would love to learn more about your use-case!

Thank you,

Apr 19, 2022

Hi Pranay,

Thank you for your complete answer, we do really appreciate your availability.

This sunday, we had a first change on our dev environnement, with a first batch of ~200 VMs to rightsize.

The change, went well actually, without the GET /configs, because i didnt had time to implement it. But i iterate over /config for all the VMs to display the pending configurations (not ideal...)

Today, i just tried the API endpoint with start&count and it works as you described, thank you. But it's a good news that soon we'll be able to use the /configs to get all the configurations.

Just to let you know, we had some issues with the VMDSC appliance during the change.
When applying configurations over the ~200 VMs, we had to reboot the appliance because every API call (POST /config , DELETE /config, GET /config) returned an error :

"error": "pq: sorry, too many clients already"

The reboot solved it.
Otherwise, the mass reboot over the ~200 VMs was a sucess and the configurations were nicely applied.
Only a few gets the already-reported-bug "CPUID power on failed".


Apr 27, 2022

Hi Bryan,

VMDSC 1.1.0 was released on Monday 4/25 which includes a bunch of product enhancements. I would love to hear more about your use case... would you be open to chatting?


Apr 28, 2022

Hi Steve,

Thank you for your update, i'll try it out really soon.

Of course, i'm definitely open to chatting
You can reach me out on my professional email : myusername at