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Oct 12, 2021

Is it possible to leverage vROps and the appliance alone to leverage the APIs?

Oct 12, 2021

Hi Vince, I think this would be very difficult if not impossible to accomplish. You could possibly leverage a webhook notification plugin within vROps, but this would be very challenging with the VMDSC sessionID authentication requirements. Am I understanding your ask correctly (having vROps integrate directly with the VMDSC appliance/API without the need for vRO)?

Oct 06, 2021

Is it possible to use something other than vrops leveraging the API into vcenter? Also, is orchestrator required as well to do the work? I really want to learn more about this.

Oct 06, 2021

Hi Erik, You don't need to use vRO or vROps... they are optional integrations which make things a little more powerful. But you can simply deploy the appliance and leverage the Postman collection to hit the API directly which is outlined in the user guide.

Oct 04, 2021

Hi Team

Thanks for that! It's really nice!

Just one thing, Is it valid for VMC / AVS? I would bet yes.. but would be good to have your confirmation!


Oct 05, 2021

Hi Pablo, thank you for your comments! The project team was able to validate VMDSC in a VMC environment but it required specifying the vCenter CA certificate upon deployment (see Section 3.4 - Step 11 in the User Guide). We did not have the opportunity to test in an AVS environment. Please let us know if you have that opportunity. :)