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Comment thread started by glenn brown on Virtual Machine Compute Optimizer

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Jul 24, 2019

hi, very cool script. one thing I noticed is the power policy is not 100% correct. about 50% of the time it said the the power settings are balanced, but they are are set for high performance. more often then not this was on an HP Blade server.

Jul 25, 2019

Hi Glenn. Thanks for the feedback! Can you do me a favor to test? Run this code snippet and let me know what the results are. Just put in the name of the vCenter you want to connect to and one of the hosts in question.

#start code
$vCenter = "<your_vcenter_name>"
$hostName = "<HP_Blade_Server_Name>"
connect-viserver $vCenter
$hostFilter = @{"Name" = $hostName}
get-view -ViewType HostSystem -Filter $hostFilter | select Name, @{n='HostPowerPolicy';e={$_.Config.PowerSystemInfo.CurrentPolicy.Key}}
#end code

The number that is returned for "HostPowerPolicy" will translate as below. I'd be curious to see if the HP Blades are not reporting it correctly, and defaulting to the power policy of the previous host. Easy fix if that is the case.
"1" {"HighPerformance"}
"2" {"Balanced"}
"3" {"LowPower"}
"4" {"Custom"}

Thanks for your help!

Jul 25, 2019

Hi Mark. I think what is happening is the vcenter gui is not refreshing properly. Running your script I received a balanced notification, I went to vcenter and it is showing balanced. I changed it to high performance and the GUI updates. I then go to the next one your script shows as balanced and it still shows as high performance. I then go directly to the host gui and it shows balanced matching your script. vSphere Client version
Sorry for the confusion.

Jul 25, 2019

No problem at all! That's good to know in case we see it happen again.