The functionality of this Fling has been integrated into Horizon View 6.1 and due to this, this Fling has been retired. This means that this Fling will not be updated in the future and comments will not be responded to. However, you can still download this Fling if you are using earlier versions of Horizon View.
Dec 24, 2014

Hello Griff,

My customer would like to use this tool on View5.2. Can we use with 5.2?
I remember 5.3 was planed to be released as 5.2.3 at that time, so I think
its OK but would like to confirm if 5.2 is QAed.

Kind regards,

Jan 05, 2015

Hi Masanobu,

We have only QA'd ViewDbChk with the latest v5 release which is 5.3.3.



Dec 23, 2014

This is great, has removed a pool that been stuck deleting for weeks, THANKS!

Jan 05, 2015

Hi Neil,

Thanks for the positive feedback. I'm pleased to hear you found it useful.


Dec 09, 2014

Does this install in any directory or a seperate directory with the view server file structure?

Dec 09, 2014

Additionally, when installing I get the error "Could not find the main class: com.vmware.vdi.viewdbchk.viewdbchk. Program will exit."

Dec 10, 2014

Hi Terry,

ViewDbChk is designed to install in a separate directory from the connection server. e.g. c:\ViewDbChk.

The bat file looks in the registry for the directory where the connection server is installed and then uses the JVM from there.

Are you cd'ing to the directory where ViewDbChk was unzipped before running it?

Nov 04, 2014

Does using this tool require me to install Java on my Connection Server? If so, what version of Java is required?

Nov 05, 2014

Hi Ben,

ViewDbChk uses the JVM installed as part of the connection server. You don't need to explicitly install Java, the only requirement is that a connection server is already installed on the machine.