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Jun 21, 2016

Hey there Chris, about to try this at a customer site (haven't yet) but I noticed reading thru the comments about plain text passwords. Is there an option to just let the user enter credentials? (looking thru the picture of the configuration window it doesn't appear to be an option as your either logging in as current user, or require credentials) Looking for a Kiosk like feel to a Windows 10 embedded thin client. (I've got some other options on the table if this doesn't pan out; but I'd like to start with this fling). My customer's users don't have a problem with entering credentials there (can't use logged in user credentials as endpoints are not part of domain). Ideally would like to see Horizon Client at the login screen prompting for user/pass/domain.

I don't see support for W10, but I see it mentioned by others that they have gotten it to work.

Apr 05, 2016

Hi Chris,

How come the 'disable shade' option does not have a command line flag when you refresh the Use Custom Command String option? We are launching View Client via script, and I am using your tool to build the command string. It would be helpful to know the flag do disable shade.


Apr 05, 2016

Hi Chris!

I'm absolutely loving this utility, and am hoping to use this to deploy to my lab environment using linked clones. What is the recommended deployment option?

So far we've used your tool to create a script and deploy our script to our thin clients. Unfortunately checking some of the options in the utility don't present themselves in the scipt. I presume these settings are getting saved to a local registry. Any ideas on how I can use this tool as a replacement to explorer.exe?

Feb 18, 2016

The view client says it cannot resolve the host name, but I'm 100% certain the hostname is correct. When I manually connect it works fine.

Feb 18, 2016

Disregard my last comment, I was having problems with my network connection.