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vCenter Event Broker Appliance

The vCenter Event Broker Appliance (VEBA) enables customers to easily create event-driven automation based on vCenter Server Events. For example, VEBA can drive basic workflows like automatically attaching a vSphere tag when a virtual machine (VM) is created. Even more powerful integrations between datacenter-internal enterprise services and cloud services, for example Slack and Pager Duty, can be created with VEBA out of the box.

VEBA is provided as a Virtual Appliance that can be deployed to any vSphere-based infrastructure, including an on-premises and/or any public cloud environment, running on vSphere such as VMware Cloud on AWS or VMware Cloud on Dell-EMC.

With this appliance, end-users, partners and independent software vendors only have to write minimal business logic without going through a steep learning curve understanding vSphere APIs. As such, we believe this solution not only offers a better user experience in solving existing problems for vSphere operators. More importantly, it will enable new integration use cases and workflows to grow the vSphere ecosystem and community, similar to what AWS has achieved with AWS Lambda.

Continue the conversation with us on Slack: #vcenter-event-broker-appliance on VMware {code}

  • 2 vCPU and 8GB of memory for VEBA
  • vCenter Server 6.x or greater
  • vCenter Server Account (readOnly is sufficient)
  • Internet connectivity required for VEBA for setup
  • OpenFaaS CLI locally on your desktop
Please take a look at the Getting Started Guide here
VMworld Session (Free VMworld login is required to view)

#CODE1379E "If This Then That" for vSphere- The Power of Event-Driven Automation