Sep 11, 2019

Hello Everyone and thanks for this wonderful driver/module for ESXi 6.7

anyway, I was using the old r8152 module with ESXi 6.7u1 until I faced some high CPU on system process after a few uptime days ... then I decided to move on to 6.7u2 as this was supposed to be resolved.

I disabled the r8152 module then uninstalled it, and went for the upgrade to 6.7u2.
Everything went fine then I wanted to add this new driver/module, which I did, but, vusb0 pops up in the Physical NICs section, but I can't seem to get communication with outside world now.

I reverted back to the old r8152 but still working fine as per 6.7u2 it seems.

Anyway, Can you please help as I did a little bit of diagnostics there when this new driver/module was still in place.


========== /var/log/vmkernel.log ==========
2019-09-11T11:30:12.434Z cpu3:2097564)Loading module vmkusb_nic_fling ...
2019-09-11T11:30:12.435Z cpu3:2097564)Elf: 2101: module vmkusb_nic_fling has license VMware
2019-09-11T11:30:12.443Z cpu3:2097564)Device: 192: Registered driver 'vmkusb_nic_fling' from 17
2019-09-11T11:30:12.443Z cpu3:2097564)Mod: 4962: Initialization of vmkusb_nic_fling succeeded with module ID 17.
2019-09-11T11:30:12.443Z cpu3:2097564)vmkusb_nic_fling loaded successfully.
2019-09-11T11:30:12.446Z cpu1:2097563)VMK_PCI: 914: device 0000:00:14.0 pciBar 0 bus_addr 0x404ac00000 size 0x10000
2019-09-11T11:30:12.446Z cpu1:2097563)WARNING: xhci_pci_attach:208: xhci devid 0x9ded8086: Success
2019-09-11T11:30:12.446Z cpu1:2097563)DMA: 679: DMA Engine 'xhci0 dma' created using mapper 'DMANull'.
2019-09-11T11:30:12.446Z cpu1:2097563)VMK_PCI: 764: device 0000:00:14.0 allocated 1 MSI interrupt
2019-09-11T11:30:12.513Z cpu1:2097563)Device: 327: Found driver vmkusb_nic_fling for device 0x6807430485a97896
2019-09-11T11:30:19.734Z cpu3:2097220)NetqueueBal: 4967: vusb0: new netq module, reset logical space needed
2019-09-11T11:30:19.734Z cpu3:2097220)NetqueueBal: 4996: vusb0: plugins to call differs, reset logical space
2019-09-11T11:30:19.734Z cpu3:2097220)NetPort: 1580: disabled port 0x3000002
2019-09-11T11:30:19.734Z cpu5:2097745)NetSched: 654: vusb0-0-tx: worldID = 2097745 exits
2019-09-11T11:30:19.734Z cpu6:2097295)CpuSched: 699: user latency of 2097755 vmnic0-0-tx 0 changed by 2097295 NetSchedHelper -6
2019-09-11T11:30:19.734Z cpu3:2097220)Uplink: 11689: enabled port 0x3000002 with mac 00:e0:4c:68:2b:9a
2019-09-11T11:30:19.734Z cpu7:2097296)CpuSched: 699: user latency of 2097756 vusb0-0-tx 0 changed by 2097296 NetSchedHelper -6
2019-09-11T11:30:21.544Z cpu7:2097578)usbd_setup_device_desc:1987: getting device descriptor at addr 1 failed, USB_ERR_IOERROR
2019-09-11T11:30:21.566Z cpu7:2097578)uhub_reattach_port:874: could not allocate new device

Sep 05, 2019

两位大神你们,非常感谢你们提供的USB网卡驱动的支持。现在我有一个比较麻烦的问题需要请教,安装好esxi6.7 U2版本或者U3版本之后能正常识别我的AX88179。但是AX88179网卡并不能正常使用。在虚拟机当中使用也无法Ping通。我在windows系统当中使用最开始也是不能正常连接,但是我更新驱动之后可以使用。请问你们使用的驱动版本是否为:Linux kernel 4.x/3.x/2.6.x Driver V1.19.0 。如果是此版本我的AX88179即可连接。

Sep 05, 2019


Aug 08, 2019

Using a USB NIC with RTL8152 chipset. It's working from the standpoint of management of the ESXi host. However, it won't pass any VM traffic. Using standard switch. Followed the instructions here. Not finding a solution. Any help would be appreciated.

Aug 02, 2019

Can NOT get the USB adapter to work on a Distributed Switch. Works fine on a Standard Switch. It seems to "partially" work on a dVS - I can ping a VM that is connected through the dVS but I can't open a web page on the VM. If I vMotion the VM back to another host that isn't using a USB NIC - I can connect to the web page fine. I have tried the latest driver and I've increased the MTU to 1600. Any ideas on what to try? It's a Asix AX88179. TIA