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Mar 06, 2019

Hi! Could you recommend a way to add this to an ESXI installer? I have a machine without a working NIC, so I need to copy the driver via usb, but it's very hard to get to access the file after booting the installer.

Mar 06, 2019

You'll want to incorporate the offline bundle into a new ESXi Image using either PowerCLI to create the new Image Profile or if you've got an existing vCenter Server deployment, you can use the vSphere UI to build it. There are a number of examples online which you can search for

Mar 06, 2019

Thanks. Right now I am on a Mac, and without an access to a vSphere UI right now. I wonder if this could be done on a Mac or Linux.

Mar 06, 2019

No, unfortunately you'll need a Windows system if you don't have an existing vCenter Server since Image Builder cmdlets is only available on Windows today.

Mar 06, 2019

Thanks, William! Gonna find myself a copy of Windows to do it, then.
And thanks for the work you've put into this!

Feb 25, 2019

When I go to make a host a transport node in NSX-T, the vusb nics don't appear as options in the dropdown.

Feb 25, 2019

It's possible they're filtering out interfaces with vmnic* and so anything else including vusb* wouldn't show up. You'd probably need to ping someone from the NSX-T team to see if there's any workarounds

Feb 21, 2019

I have a ESXi6.7 install on a Intel NUC7i5BEH, the adapter is StarTech US1GC301AU2R USB-C to Dual Gigabit Ethernet Adapter with USB (Type-A) Port. I did a esxcli hardware pci list | more and see the device but doe not show up in esxcli network nic list and not showing in vcenter GUI. Is this adapter not supported? Any hints?
Address: 0000:00:14.0
Segment: 0x0000
Bus: 0x00
Slot: 0x14
Function: 0x0
VMkernel Name:
Vendor Name: Intel Corporation
Device Name: Sunrise Point-LP USB 3.0 xHCI Controller
Configured Owner: VMkernel
Current Owner: VMkernel
Vendor ID: 0x8086
Device ID: 0x9d2f
SubVendor ID: 0x8086
SubDevice ID: 0x2068
Device Class: 0x0c03
Device Class Name: USB controller
Programming Interface: 0x30
Revision ID: 0x21
Interrupt Line: 0x0b
IRQ: 255
Interrupt Vector: 0x31
PCI Pin: 0x00
Spawned Bus: 0x00
Flags: 0x3201
Module ID: 17
Module Name: vmkusb_nic_fling
Chassis: 0
Physical Slot: 4294967295
Slot Description: Onboard - Other
Passthru Capable: false
Parent Device:
Dependent Device:
Reset Method: None
FPT Sharable: false

Feb 22, 2019

Definitely the USB-C on a NUC7 (maybe the model matters maybe not)
I have tried to reset the port in the NUC setup (Video default to HDMI) but no go. I have a USB 3 version that DOES work....

I also tried this same adapter (USB-C ) in a NUC 8 and it DOES work.

Feb 20, 2019


Congratulations for adding this feature in the first place. This will surely ease building more complex labs.
One feature request though, can you add as well support for the older but mostly used Realtek RTL8152 chipset as well?

Thanks a lot,