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May 14, 2022

I have a Beeline GTR5 computer with two Realtek Gaming 2.5GbE adapters installed (RTL8125 / RTL8125B(S)(G)) Are there plans to add these drivers for ESXi 7.0?

May 14, 2022

No, those are PCIe-based NIC and the Fling is focused on USB

Realtek would be the ones to develop a driver but they've not shown any interests when I had reached out 1.5yrs ago

Apr 02, 2022

After installing ESXi 7.0.3c and 7.0.3d with the USB Network Native Driver, the NIC mappings are sticking but dvSwitch port group mappings are not.
This was working fine on 7.0.2.
Any possible resolution? Have tried doing re-install but was have same issue.

Aug 08, 2022

did you ever find a fix for this? I lose one of my usb nic from the vds every reboot

Apr 01, 2022

I know ESXi 5.0 is very old version, but my question:
USB Network Native Driver will be working on ESXi 5.0?
Is it possible that it will work or will it definitely not work?

Apr 01, 2022

No, please see the Requirements which states support for VMware ESXi 6.5, 6.7 & 7.0 (x86)

Mar 05, 2022

Will you support RTL8125? It would be AWESOME if it can run on Odroid H2+.

Mar 06, 2022

Support for additional USB-based NIC will based on demands from the community and also the availability of Engineering. Since this is a Fling, it also means there's no timeline and/or support and I know team is pretty busy these days

Mar 06, 2022

Yeah sorry, I posted in the wrong place and noticed too late.