Feb 10, 2023

Hi, wonderful fling you've created here. Followed this project for several years now as i wanted to upgrade networking on my Microservers and other NUC's to 2.5G. Now the time has come to actually implement the Fling i've ran into an issue, where the latest Fling successfully installs but only reports 10,100,1000 linkspeed. Don't have a 2.5G switch yet but it is ordered and coming somewhere next week so haven't tested reported speed vs actual speeds.

Also planning on expanding networking on the NUC (and Optiplex) to 2.5G but would like it to be internally. I've found a M.2 -> 2.5G adapter with a RTL-8125B chipset, any plan on supporting that? Would be awesome and i think i'm not the only one wanting to use this chipset.



Feb 13, 2023

Nevermind. Saw your replies on other comments stating that Realtek has to be the one creating these drivers as they're PCIE based. Bummer. Was also able to find Intel based M.2 boards but they're 2242 (which doesn't fit unless i sacrifice NVME).

Feb 09, 2023

Hi All,

Does anybody has ASUS AC2500 usb network card (realtek 8156b)? I installed "ESXi670-VMKUSB-NIC-FLING-39203948-offline_bundle-16780994" and "Net55-r8168" but ESXi host does not recognize it. If I try do add Host USB Device to VM, adapter is present..

Feb 07, 2023

Hi All,
I have just installed this for 6.7.8.
It seems to see the USB device I am trying to use and loads successfully but then fails.
Output below:

2019-08-17T10:10:33.666Z cpu0:2097152)VisorFSTar: 1856: net_usbn.v00 for 0xd500 bytes
2019-08-17T10:10:33.681Z cpu0:2097152)VisorFSTar: 1856: ohci_usb.v00 for 0xffc8 bytes
2019-08-17T10:10:33.717Z cpu0:2097152)VisorFSTar: 1856: uhci_usb.v00 for 0xfe50 bytes
2019-08-17T10:10:33.718Z cpu0:2097152)VisorFSTar: 1856: usb_stor.v00 for 0x288f0 bytes
2019-08-17T10:10:33.718Z cpu0:2097152)VisorFSTar: 1856: usbcore_.v00 for 0x4f948 bytes
2019-08-17T10:10:33.722Z cpu0:2097152)VisorFSTar: 1856: vmkusb_n.v00 for 0x182db8 bytes
2019-08-17T10:10:33.726Z cpu0:2097152)VisorFSTar: 1856: vmkusb.v00 for 0xf5550 bytes
2019-08-17T10:10:37.725Z cpu1:2097539)Loading module vmkusb_nic_fling ...
2019-08-17T10:10:37.726Z cpu1:2097539)Elf: 2101: module vmkusb_nic_fling has license VMware
2019-08-17T10:10:37.738Z cpu1:2097539)Device: 192: Registered driver 'vmkusb_nic_fling' from 17
2019-08-17T10:10:37.738Z cpu1:2097539)Mod: 4962: Initialization of vmkusb_nic_fling succeeded with module ID 17.
2019-08-17T10:10:37.738Z cpu1:2097539)vmkusb_nic_fling loaded successfully.
2019-08-17T10:10:37.807Z cpu0:2097538)Device: 327: Found driver vmkusb_nic_fling for device 0x4a8643049fbe3885
2019-08-17T10:10:40.084Z cpu3:2097503)Activating Jumpstart plugin usb.
2019-08-17T10:10:40.215Z cpu2:2097588)Loading module usb ...
2019-08-17T10:10:40.215Z cpu2:2097588)Elf: 2101: module usb has license GPL
2019-08-17T10:10:40.217Z cpu2:2097588)module heap vmklnx_usb: Initial heap size = 262144, max heap size = 13860864
2019-08-17T10:10:40.217Z cpu2:2097588)module heap vmklnx_usb: using memType 2
2019-08-17T10:10:40.217Z cpu2:2097588)module heap vmklnx_usb: creation succeeded. id = 0x4309f0182000
2019-08-17T10:10:40.217Z cpu2:2097588)<6>usbcore: registered new interface driver usbfs
2019-08-17T10:10:40.217Z cpu2:2097588)WARNING: CharDriver: 356: Driver with name usbdevices is already using slot 47
2019-08-17T10:10:40.217Z cpu2:2097588)usbfs: failed to register usbdevices (-16)
2019-08-17T10:10:40.217Z cpu2:2097588)<6>usbcore: removing devices
2019-08-17T10:10:40.217Z cpu2:2097588)<6>usbcore: cleaning up devio
2019-08-17T10:10:40.217Z cpu2:2097588)<6>usbcore: degistering usbfs_driver
2019-08-17T10:10:40.217Z cpu2:2097588)<6>usbcore: deregistering interface driver usbfs
2019-08-17T10:10:40.217Z cpu2:2097588)<6>usbcore: cleaning up major
2019-08-17T10:10:40.217Z cpu2:2097588)<6>usbcore: unregistering notifier
2019-08-17T10:10:40.217Z cpu2:2097588)<6>usbcore: unregistering bus
2019-08-17T10:10:40.217Z cpu2:2097588)<6>usbcore: cleaning up debugfs
2019-08-17T10:10:40.217Z cpu2:2097588)<6>usbcore: Failed to initialize USB
2019-08-17T10:10:40.217Z cpu2:2097588)usb failed to load.
2019-08-17T10:10:40.217Z cpu2:2097588)WARNING: Elf: 3144: Kernel based module load of usb failed: Failure <Mod_LoadDone failed>
2019-08-17T10:10:40.222Z cpu3:2097503)Jumpstart plugin usb activation failed: usb->start() failed: exited with code 1
2019-08-17T10:10:58.301Z cpu1:2098181)Starting service usbarbitrator
2019-08-17T10:10:58.301Z cpu1:2098181)Activating Jumpstart plugin usbarbitrator.
2019-08-17T10:10:59.107Z cpu0:2098181)Jumpstart plugin usbarbitrator activated.

Does anyone have a fix for this please?

Feb 09, 2023

Further update.
I have upgraded to esx7u3 and applied the latest patch.
It seems the driver now loads but it still is not present in the client.

Output from ESX below:

[root@localhost:~] dmesg | grep usb
2019-08-19T10:42:03.616Z cpu0:262144)Loading vmkusb_n.v00...
2019-08-19T10:42:03.616Z cpu0:262144)VisorFSTar: 1879: vmkusb_n.v00 for 0x120e68 bytes
2019-08-19T10:42:03.618Z cpu0:262144)Loading vmkusb.v00...
2019-08-19T10:42:03.618Z cpu0:262144)VisorFSTar: 1879: vmkusb.v00 for 0x113e10 bytes
2019-08-19T10:42:05.710Z cpu0:262308)SchedVsi: 2083: Group: host/vim/vmvisor/usbArbitrator(685): min=18 max=18 minLimit=-1, units: mb
2019-08-19T10:42:09.792Z cpu3:262560)Loading module vmkusb_nic_fling ...
2019-08-19T10:42:09.793Z cpu3:262560)Elf: 2119: module vmkusb_nic_fling has license VMware
2019-08-19T10:42:09.800Z cpu3:262560)vmkusb_vusb_persist_index_init : ue_persist_unitNum 0
2019-08-19T10:42:09.800Z cpu3:262560)Device: 211: Registered driver 'vmkusb_nic_fling' from 51
2019-08-19T10:42:09.800Z cpu3:262560)Mod: 4821: Initialization of vmkusb_nic_fling succeeded with module ID 51.
2019-08-19T10:42:09.800Z cpu3:262560)vmkusb_nic_fling loaded successfully.
2019-08-19T10:42:09.802Z cpu3:262560)vmkusb_nic_fling: xhci_parse_protocol:767: usb 2.0 bus protocol: port range 1-16, psic=3
2019-08-19T10:42:09.802Z cpu3:262560)vmkusb_nic_fling: xhci_parse_protocol:767: usb 3.0 bus protocol: port range 17-26, psic=3
2019-08-19T10:42:09.868Z cpu3:262560)CpuSched: 885: user latency of 262576 usbus0 0 changed by 262560 vmkdevmgr -6
2019-08-19T10:42:09.868Z cpu3:262560)CpuSched: 885: user latency of 262577 usbus0 0 changed by 262560 vmkdevmgr -6
2019-08-19T10:42:09.868Z cpu3:262560)Device: 395: vmkusb_nic_fling:driver->ops.attachDevice :66 ms
2019-08-19T10:42:09.868Z cpu3:262560)Device: 400: Found driver vmkusb_nic_fling for device 0xae44303d3a02aa5
2019-08-19T10:42:09.868Z cpu3:262560)Device: 685: vmkusb_nic_fling:driver->ops.startDevice:0 ms
2019-08-19T10:42:09.868Z cpu3:262560)Device: 507: vmkusb_nic_fling:driver->ops.scanDevice:0 ms
2019-08-19T10:42:12.223Z cpu0:262403)Activating Jumpstart plugin usb-storage.
2019-08-19T10:42:12.232Z cpu0:262403)Jumpstart plugin usb-storage activated.
2019-08-19T10:42:18.326Z cpu0:262848)Starting service usbarbitrator
2019-08-19T10:42:18.328Z cpu0:262848)Activating Jumpstart plugin usbarbitrator.
2019-08-19T10:42:19.677Z cpu0:262848)Jumpstart plugin usbarbitrator activated.

Checking network list though presents no additional adapter to use:

[root@localhost:~] esxcli network nic list
Name PCI Device Driver Admin Status Link Status Speed Duplex MAC Address MTU Description
------ ------------ ------ ------------ ----------- ----- ------ ----------------- ---- -----------
vmnic0 0000:00:1f.6 ne1000 Up Up 1000 Full fc:3f:db:05:6c:ea 1500 Intel Corporation Ethernet Connection (2) I219-LM

Using vlusb -v -t seems to show the device:

Bus# 1
`-Dev# 1 Vendor 0x0e0f Product 0x8003 VMware, Inc. Root Hub
`-Dev# 2 Vendor 0x045e Product 0x0927 Microsoft Corp. RTL8153B GigE [Surface Ethernet Adapter]

Can any provide some assistance as to how to get this online from this point?


Feb 09, 2023

Looking at the ID's I see 0x045E
Microsoft Corporation
RTL8153B GigE [Surface Ethernet Adapter]
Is the issue that it is the "B" specification of the RTL8153 chipset?

Feb 07, 2023

Output from lsusb -v -t

`-Dev# 1 Vendor 0x0e0f Product 0x8003 VMware, Inc. Root Hub
|-Dev# 2 Vendor 0x8564 Product 0x1000 Transcend Information, Inc. JetFlash
|-Dev# 3 Vendor 0x0a5c Product 0x640b Broadcom Corp.
`-Dev# 4 Vendor 0x045e Product 0x0927 Microsoft Corp.

The USB NIC is the Microsoft Corp device but has a Realtek Chipset I believe.

Jan 31, 2023

Thanks about your drivers, it works very well on most of my USB to Ethernet dongles.
But one is not recognized as a NIC under ESXi, even the version. But ESXi can let me put this dongle on a VM. Strange.

As I checked the requirements, I can see that some ASIX adaptors are listed. But, not this one: ASIX AX88772

Is this possible for you to add support for this model?
VID: 0B95
PID: 7720
REV: 0001

I bought this one on Amazon 3 years ago, and is sold by UGREEN: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00MYT481C/

It works fine, still. So I would like to use it only for a management vSwitch. No vMotion (too slow), reserved by a 1GB NIC Teaming.

I thank you a lot, and great work :)


Jan 31, 2023

Successful passthrough of USB device to a VM does NOT mean it'll be recognized by ESXi itself, these are two unrelated topics. For ESXi to see and use the device, there must be a driver that recognizes the device and that is what this Fling does. When you passthrough the USB device to a VM, it is the VM and specifically the guest operating system that must have a driver to recognize (no different if you had installed Windows or Linux on physical system).

I'll ask Songtao if this is something that can be accommodated in a future update, no promises.

Jan 31, 2023

cool, thanks :)

Good day to you