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Jul 06, 2022

Has somebody used an adapter with the Aquantia AQC111U chipset and had good performance on that?

I tried that one here - - but unfortunately the performance was really bad. it was just half of what 1GbE nic can deliver...

I've read that some of you have used the qnap usb nic.
Has anybody ran iperf on that nic to check what the real performance is?

I want to know if that nic is doing better although it uses the same chipset...


Jul 12, 2022

I had something similar with a TP-LINK UE300 (RTL8153). On one of my ProDesk 600G3 DM It get'S only 512MBit via IPerf and on another Intel NUC derivate it get's 1GBit. Currently not sure what the problem is. Maybe USB3 related in combination with this dongle but an AX88179 get's 1GBit on the 600 G3.

Jul 19, 2022

I'm getting around only 125mbps down for TP-LINK UE300 on NUC6i3SYK. The upload speed can reach 400mbps.
(Connection speeds capped at 600 mbps down / 400 mbps up by my ISP)