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Feb 17, 2019

Just found one really interesting thing when using multiple adapters, that should happen with dual/combo or when using discrete adapters: the assigned network name can vary.

I only can imagine that the adapters timing are not deterministic and they show up to the kernel at different times.

As the kernel cannot persist the device name, the only approach I can think of is to use the MAC address in the RC script to properly assign the devices/uplinks to the correct networks/portgroups. I will try to get it to work and I will post whatever script I come up with.

Something like:
Loop to wait for all interfaces
Get MAC of interface
Assign to virtual switch and portgroup based on MAC not on interface name.

Feb 18, 2019

Thanks Aviegas! We are also working on solution for this case, and script you mentioned should be help on the case. Thanks again for your sharing.