Mar 28, 2021
Mar 28, 2021

The USB NIC Fling is NOT supported with 7.0 Update 2, a new version must be created

The blog post is in regards to other USB NICs which maybe detected w/o the USB Fling, usually CDC-based USB NICs and that's why it still has benefits even thought this USB NIC Fling isn't currently supported. Once it will, then the same benefit would apply :)

Mar 29, 2021

Right....well the article started off singing the praises of the USB Fling in the first paragraph then went into this workaround, so it appeared that you were using the fling in regards to this, but as you now state you are referring to OTHER usb nics that may be detected.

Thanks for the clarification - still waiting for u2 :)

Mar 29, 2021

Yes and also the USB NIC Fling (as mentioned in blog post) is what motivated for this enhancement itself in ESXi. We've got this on our backlog but Engr has been quite busy and we hope to have something soon, so stay tuned

Mar 24, 2021

I have reported a bug some time ago regarding one CPU core hitting 100% after a while.
Unplugging and plugging the qnap adapter back in resolves it for a certain time untill it gets back.

I have tried all USB ports and combinations, unfortunately I ended up deleting the fling and not being able to use the adapter. Do you have any idea?

Mar 24, 2021

Thanks for finding this issue, I reposed on the bug thread.
As crazy busy on other stuffs, sorry for the delay response.
Can you create a vm-support or live dump when you see high CPU using?
So we can fix it in next update.

Mar 27, 2021

How can I send you the vm-support file? It has happened twice now

Mar 28, 2021

Thanks for the help! Would you please provide a download-able link with that? Thanks !

Apr 12, 2021

Songtao, can I upload the capture somewhere for you?

Mar 28, 2021

Sure, can I send it via email or something as it contains "sensitive" information?

Mar 24, 2021

No worries Songtao :-) I will continue in the bug report

Mar 22, 2021

Hello, I have been using ESXi on my Intel Nuc and had to move the management port off the onboard nic to a USB nic. It works but if I reboot the USB nic gets detached and I have to go into the console and enabled it.

I guess the USB nic isn't detected in time upon boot up?

How can I fix this?

If I run esxcfg-nics -l I see my NIcs:



Mar 21, 2021

Okay... I'm probably just dumb (normally a windows guy, cut me some slack) but *where* do I set the usbBusFullScanOnBootEnabled option... says its not a valid key for a kernel option. Is it in the actual bootloader flags? I tried that too and it doesn't seem to make a difference

Mar 22, 2021