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Unified Access Gateway Deployment Utility

version 1.1.0 — June 16, 2020

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Unified Access Gateway (UAG) Deployment Utility assists the deployment of UAG appliances by running the utility on Windows or macOS machines. This utility provides better user interface, which is self explanatory about the next steps and better error handling through useful messages & tool tips which will make it easier for an admin to deploy single or multiple appliances.





  • Windows 10
  • Windows Server 2016
  • macOS 10.14+


Instructions to Download and Install:

For macOS:

Double click on Uag_Deployment_Utility-1.0.0.dmg and follow the instructions on UI, once application is installed, move utility to applications folder then double click on it to launch the utility.

For Windows:

Double click on Uag_Deployment_Utility Setup 1.0.0.exe and install on Windows machine.Once installation is done, short cut will be created on Desktop automatically which can be used easily to launch the app.


1.1.0 Version Update

  • Bug fixes and minor improvements
  • New logo

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