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True SSO Configuration Utility

Fling - True SSO Configuration Utility

This project is intended for the VMware Horizon customers in order to use True SSO Configuration Utility to help you configuring TrueSSO using View Connection Server, Enrollment Server and your Certificate Authoriry / Active Directory.

Installation Step-By-Step Video

Download the installation video or click on the video tab on the page to see tips on how to use True SSO Configuration Utility.

  • VMware Horizon Connection Server;
  • VMware Horizon Enrollment Server;
  • Microsoft Certificate Authority;
  • Workspace One Access;
  • Download file from Download button.
  • Check the Pre-Requisites into README File.
  • Unzip the file and save this configuration tool into your Connection Server.
  • Double-click the executable to run the tool on the Connection Server you want to configure. Follow instructions from there.

For more information, please read the VMware Docs – Command-Line Reference for Configuring True SSO.