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SyncML Compare

version 1.0.0 — December 09, 2019

Release Date: October 18, 2019


SyncML-Compare is an extension to Fiddler application that lets you compare the syncmls pushed from server against the SyncMls received from the device management client on the device.

Comparing SyncMLs is often required to troubleshoot or debug profiles, applications pushed from the WS1 console.

Instead of copying the two syncmls and then manually comparing each syncml node in a separate xml viewer, SyncML compare lets you compare the SyncMLs on the fiddler application itself.
As shown in the below screenshot, you can see the locUris, commandIds and the results using SyncML compare.

This simplifies the SyncML troubleshooting experience as well as speeds up debugging process.


Any Windows MDM enrolled device



  1. Install Fiddler on a managed windows 10 device
  2. Download the fiddlerExtension.dll
  3. Copy and paste this fiddlerExtension.dll to Documents\Fiddler 2\Scripts folder
  4. Relaunch the fiddler application if its already running.
  5. On launching Fiddler you will see Syncml Compare tab, click on it. Then select two request response calls and then press Compare button