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Storage Profiles Updater

This Fling is a simple tool that enables the migration of vCloud Director virtual machines and templates from the default any storage profile to a specific storage profile. The tool can be run from the command-line with the help of a configuration file, and it allows you to change storage profiles in a batch style of processing.


  • Change storage policies of vCloud Director VM’s
  • Change storage policies of vCloud Director VApp templates
The tool provides flexibility allowing users to use the same at organization level/ VApp level and catalog level.   front_page
  • JRE 1.6 and higher
  • Any operating system and tested on Windows
  • 5.x vCloud Director


1. New storage profile has been properly created and setup.

2. Catalog VMs are already on datastores that support destination storage profiles

3. It is added to Pvdc, Ovdc for the Organization in which Catalog VMs currently reside

4. Access to execute SQL commands for this vCloud Director instance.

5. Certificate used to sign VCD is imported into the truststore file keystore.jks.

6. Execute provided jar from a machine which has JRE installed on it and can access vCloud Director Cell, vCenter Server

Enabling the migration of vCloud Director from one Storage Profile to another include 4 steps.

1. Create config file with information about vCloud Director, vCenter Server, new Storage Profile to association with etc. Sample config file is attached (spsupdate.config)

2. Download attached symcsps-1.0.jar, keystore.jks, spsupdater.config to some machine (refer pre-requisites section above)

Execute the jar:
java -jar symcsps-1.0.jar <path of config file>

e.g. java -jar symcsps-1.0.jar ../spsupdater.config

Note: The truststore file should be in same location as the jar file.

3. The user would be prompted to enter VCD/VC and keystore password.

Note: default keystore password: passwd

We can run this tool with different granularities.
- For vApp Templates the granularity is Catalog Name, then vApp Template within that Catalog.
- For vApps the granularity is Org VDC and vApp within that Org VDC

4. After running tool, storage profile for vApp-VMs will get updated automatically. There isn’t any additional steps required for this workflow.
- But for vApp templates please run below mentioned SQL commands for storage profile to change in vCloud Director
- There is no separate logging, but the output of running jar will be printed on terminal which can be redirected to a file

To see the server SQL, see the documentation in the download.