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Comment thread started by Raudi on Storage Performance Tester

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Feb 01, 2021

Do i'm hitting the bug?

./ vmsrv01 -d cl01-sas
2021-02-01 15:27:39,411 - - INFO - Using primary log sperf.log.
2021-02-01 15:27:39,411 - - INFO - The test results will be put into /root/StoragePerformanceTester/sperf/results/4
Please enter the root password for vmsrv01:
2021-02-01 15:27:44,031 - - INFO - Copy to the host.
2021-02-01 15:27:44,302 - - INFO - Geting basic info on vmsrv01
2021-02-01 15:27:46,880 - - ERROR - Didn't find the right hardware info based on cl01-sas
2021-02-01 15:27:46,881 - - INFO - Check if the VM (cl01-sas_sperfVMv1) has been deployed.
2021-02-01 15:27:47,760 - - INFO - Host vmsrv01 doesn't have a VM named cl01-sas_sperfVMv1.
2021-02-01 15:27:47,761 - - WARNING - This connect is insecure. please try to add --nosslverify 0 in your tests.
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "./", line 484, in <module>
File "./", line 468, in main
status = sperf.DeployVM(args.vmname, args.ovfurl, args.nosslverify)
File "./", line 95, in DeployVM
File "/usr/lib/python3.8/", line 1009, in communicate
File "/usr/lib/python3.8/", line 958, in _stdin_write
TypeError: a bytes-like object is required, not 'str'
root@ubuntu-server:~/StoragePerformanceTester/sperf# Opening OVF source: ./ovftemplates/sperfVMv2.ovf
The manifest validates
Opening VI target: vi://root@
Deploying to VI: vi://root@
Transfer Completed
Powering on VM: cl01-sas_sperfVMv1
Task Completed
Received IP address:
Completed successfully

And here i'm getting back to the prompt... What can i do to get this running?

Feb 02, 2021

Ah, i must click on the bug to get a comment with the workaround. Thanks!

This error i passed now, but not i got a other error: - ERROR - Run 'vsish -pe get /storage/scsifw/devices//stats |grep commands' on vmsrv01 failed, error=1

Will this command be executed on the ESXi host? On the host i get:

[root@vmsrv01:~] vsish -pe get /storage/scsifw/devices//stats
main():Python mode is deprecated and will be removed in future releases. You can use pyvsilib instead.
VSISHCmdGetInt():Get failed: Not found