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Comment thread started by paisarn ritthikidjaroenchai on Storage Performance Tester

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Nov 02, 2020 - ERROR - Didn't find the right hardware info based on NVME1

Nov 02, 2020

I got this error, looks like script could not find datastore ?

Nov 09, 2020

The error means the script can't get some basic info such as the driver/drive model/ storage stack info. But it will not block the test.
If you still met the issue, please send us the logs and your build version to

Nov 03, 2020

Hi Paisarn,
Looks like you meet some error. I'll check this with you after we finished a borathon project.
Hope it is ok for you.


Nov 11, 2020

I have the same problem on a vSAN all flash datastore. VMware ESXi, 7.0.1, 16850804