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Comment thread started by glenn brown on Storage Performance Tester

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Nov 02, 2020

Hi thanks for working on this tool, a few questions
1) Besides that this test more than VSAN, how is this different then HCI Benchmark Tool?
2) It looks like this can only be deployed from a Linux system to start?
3) What is the impact on a SAN that is already running a workload?

Thanks for your efforts,

Nov 02, 2020

Hi Glenn,
There are several different points comparing with an HCI Benchmark tool.
1) This tool is more light-weight. It can get the performance results in 2 mins. You may want to remove some test cases in the config file if you care about the running time.
2) This Tool is more friendly to developers. Users only need to download it to a Linux terminal and run a command. It does support running on DBC.
We will support MAC in the future.
3) This tool will try to immerse the device/datastore, so it will compete with the other workload.

Thanks for your comments,