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Solution Designer

version 1.0 — March 07, 2022

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The Solution Designer Fling provides a platform to manage custom VMware solutions. Building a custom VMware solution involves many challenging tasks. One of the most difficult is continuous manual verifications: checking the interoperability of multiple VMware products and performing compatible hardware validations. Solution Designer seeks to resolve these issues by automating repetitive manual steps and collecting scattered resources in a single platform. VMware customers who are building and managing a custom solution can benefit from this Fling. It provides an interactive user interface to understand the interoperability and upgradability of multiple VMware products. With the feature, users can easily identify the best VMware version combinations that work together. This Fling also automates complicated hardware compatibility validation. Users can input or import their hardware configurations into the platform and discover hardware compatibility issues with a specific ESXi version.


  • VMware custom Solution Management
  • VMware product Interoperability and upgradability validation
  • Hardware inventory management
  • Hardware compatibility validation with ESXi


    Recommended Web Browser:
  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • IE


Please download the solution designer user manual here.



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