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version 1.0.6 — December 14, 2022

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Skyline CLI will enable customers to fully automate the configuration and operations of Skyline collectors.

    Skyline CLI features:
  • deployment and configure a new Skyline collector based on a provided config JSON file
  • add, update, delete Endpoints of the Skyline collector
  • set the Root password policy of the Skyline collector
  • enable disable autoupdate of the Skyline collector
  • set friendly name of the Skyline collector
  • set proxy of the Skyline collector
  • update the Skyline collector
  • register the Skyline collector
  • get the status of the Skyline collector
  • monitor endpoints using vrops


Read instructions for Skyline CLI here.


Verion 1.0.6

  • Code improvements
  • Configure root access via ssh
  • Change admin password policy
  • Reset admin password
  • Create log bundle of Skyline collector
  • Enable / disable debug logging of Skyline collector

Verion 1.0.3

  • Slack notifications for Skyline Endpoints
  • Code improvements

Verion 1.0.2

  • Skyline collector OVA deployment and configuration
  • endpoint monitoring using vROPs

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