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Jun 10, 2022


Some questions/ideas came up using SkylineAutomationToolkit.
- it would be nice to have SkylineAutomationToolkit fully integrated in VMware PowerCLI, eg. module name, get-help -examples, author/company. As easy-explore-to-go beside running skyline-docker preparation, there is an actively maintained powerclicore docker container
- There might be a toolkit demand for Msft windows docker container users to run Skyline automation commands in Msft Nano server. Imho it has no priority (-> why "toolkit" ?).
- Could the team add examples on how to collect findings with focus security protocols and cryptographic algorithms eg. cipherSuites TLS_ECDFE_RSA_...,ssl30Enabled, tls10Enabled, tls11Enabled, tls12Enabled,...
- What are the minimum privileges for the cascade docker-salt + VMware tools ?

Jun 16, 2022

thank you for your feedbacks and suggestions. Will look into them and see where I can make strides to better the toolkit (internally in the app as well as among the greater whole). do continue to share your thoughts to make this project better. cheers.