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Sep 09, 2022

Outside of using the custom argument, is there a way to pass the start position for calls that exceed the 200 limit? If not, are there any plans to implement this type of functionality? Another option may be for a 'complete' option, that when the 200 limit is exceeded, repeats the call until all findings / objects are compiled before returning the results to the user.

This might require a built-in throttle if there is not one already.

Sep 09, 2022

ah great question. unfortunately, it is limited to 200 entries at a time. I can add in another option to take on 201-up.

At the moment, you can use the "get-findings custom" to set it for 201 but I can code that in.

Thanks for sharing your question and feedback.

Jun 10, 2022


Some questions/ideas came up using SkylineAutomationToolkit.
- it would be nice to have SkylineAutomationToolkit fully integrated in VMware PowerCLI, eg. module name, get-help -examples, author/company. As easy-explore-to-go beside running skyline-docker preparation, there is an actively maintained powerclicore docker container
- There might be a toolkit demand for Msft windows docker container users to run Skyline automation commands in Msft Nano server. Imho it has no priority (-> why "toolkit" ?).
- Could the team add examples on how to collect findings with focus security protocols and cryptographic algorithms eg. cipherSuites TLS_ECDFE_RSA_...,ssl30Enabled, tls10Enabled, tls11Enabled, tls12Enabled,...
- What are the minimum privileges for the cascade docker-salt + VMware tools ?

Jun 16, 2022

thank you for your feedbacks and suggestions. Will look into them and see where I can make strides to better the toolkit (internally in the app as well as among the greater whole). do continue to share your thoughts to make this project better. cheers.

May 27, 2022


- "skyline-comm get-findings longlist" and "skyline-comm get-findings longdetail"
- update send2csv to semi match Skyline Advisor csv export

May 06, 2022

just added...

- more functionalities for Skyline-helper (collector)
- skyline-comm (send2jira)
- skyline-comm (send2csv)
- enabled skyline-docker