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fling logo of Site Recovery Manager Mobile

Site Recovery Manager Mobile

version 1.0.1 — August 03, 2021


Site Recovery Manager is a business continuity and disaster recovery solution that helps you plan, test and run the recovery of virtual machines. This Fling offers a grouping mechanism for related datastores and/or RDMs to be failed over together called a Protection Group. SRM protection groups can be one of three types - Datastore Groups, Individual VMs and Storage Policies.

A Recovery Plan is like an automated runbook. It controls every step of the recovery process, including the order in which SRM powers on and off, the network addresses that recovered virtual machines use, and so on.

With the help of Site Recovery Manager Mobile you can now keep track of their state, refresh to see the most recent information. The UI is made to look as similar to the web version as possible to make sure you fell familiar with it and you will feel comfortable using it.

  • With our application you can monitor your
  • Site Pair Summary
  • All the protection groups / recovery plans
  • Displayed in a separate view as table data
  • Displayed in the drawer for faster access as a group/plan folder tree 
  • Protection group summary with 3 tabs:
    • Summary
    • Recovery Plans
    • Virtual Machines
  • Recovery plan summary with 4 tabs:
    • Summary
    • History
    • Protection Groups
    • Virtual Machines
  • You receive notifications if some of the data fails to load


  • Android 4.4 or higher


Install directly from mobile phone:

1. Visit VMware's Flings Website
2. Search for Site Recovery Manager Mobile
3. Accept the Technical Preview License
4. Click Download
5. Allow the browser/device to install apps from unknown sources in order to successfully install the app
6. (OPTIONAL) Revert to 'Not allowed' the browser/device setting to install apps from unknown sources


Version 1.01

  • Updated instructions
  • Changed the way we handle certificates


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