Sep 18, 2023
Sep 08, 2023


ist there a possibility to export and import multiple T1 compute gateways? I found a Reference for that in the Readme "mcgw" but i did not found any option to configure that.


Sep 08, 2023

Hi Wolfgang,
You'll find that listed in the config.ini file under the mcgw_export (starting at line 75) and mcgw_import (starting at line 184) flags. Please ensure you have downloaded the latest version of the tool.

Sep 08, 2023

Hi Chris,

thanks for your quick response. Got it.



Sep 01, 2023


Some colleagues and I are trying to export vCenter folders from a source VMC on AWS (AZ1) to a VMConAWS SDDC (AZ3 same region).

All VMware files relies on a AWS Lambda function that permit us to synchronize successfully the source VMware SDDC to the targeted VMware SDDC. Except for the Vcenter folders.

The error provided is " unable to import module 'invoke lambda' : cannot import name 'exceptions' from cryptography.hamzat.bindings.._rust' (unknown location)


All requirements provided by this document have been checked.

1 / The vcenter.ini file has been updated with appropriate information.
2 / The line 54 of has been commented out
3 / The expected package from the requirements.txt file has been commented out too but refers to an dead URL.
The instruction git+
Result > Not Found

My colleague and I tried this :

Then we added this package in a dedicated layer for the AWS Lambda function.

Can you tell us which correct instruction should be used wihtin the requirements.txt file ?

Kind regards

Sep 03, 2023
Aug 29, 2023

getting a certificate error., when the export attempts to connect to nsx
Beginning Services export...
SDDC services export error: HTTPSConnectionPool(host='', port=443): Max retries exceeded with url: /vmc/reverse-proxy/api/orgs/orgid/sddcs/sddcid7/sks-nsxt-manager/policy/api/v1/infra/services (Caused by SSLError(SSLCertVerificationError(1, '[SSL: CERTIFICATE_VERIFY_FAILED] certificate verify failed: unable to get local issuer certificate (_ssl.c:1006)')))
Beginning MGW export...
MGW groups export error: HTTPSConnectionPoo

Aug 29, 2023

Hey Glenn! I see in the above error the nsx manager isn't called out correctly ("host='")... an incorrect FQDN will absolutely cause issues with certificates. Have you filled in the refresh token, ORG ID and SDDC ID for both the source and destination environments in your VMC.ini file?

Aug 29, 2023

Hi Tom. Thanks for the very quick reply. It does show the proper ip and sddc and org id in the error message but I didn’t want to post those publicly. I did modify in the ini and a json which is populated is created. But with this error I don’t know if it fully populated or only what it could get, etc.. thanks

Aug 29, 2023

LOL - gotcha! My bad. Let me loop in an additional fella to take a look. Can you send me the log files?

ttwyman @