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version 1.0 — August 24, 2022

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Rollcall is an application that is used to provision Users and Groups from Google Workspace or Azure Active Directory to Workspace ONE Access.

Currently, there is no way to directly synchronise users and/or groups from Cloud Based Directories like Google Workspace or Azure AD.

Rollcall bridges this gap by connecting to your Cloud Directory, obtaining user and group information and then translates this data into the current SCIM 1.1 specification which is then used to populate the users and groups in Workspace ONE Access.

From here, you can then integrate your chosen Cloud Identity Provider as a 3rd Party IDP within Access to authenticate your users without the need for additional sync or authentication connectors.

There are two main components to Rollcall:

Rollcall API Server

This is an application that can be run from any system that has NodeJS installed and has outbound internet access.

Rollcall Manager

This is the front-end GUI for managing settings for the Users and Groups required to be synchronised between your Cloud User Directory and Workspace ONE Access.

Rollcall Manager is provided for Windows and macOS.


  • Workspace ONE Access
  • Microsoft Azure Active Directory


Please download the instructions.pdf from the download box at the left.


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