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Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform as a Service on vRealize Automation Cloud

version 1.1 — November 04, 2019

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This Fling enables a cloud admin to download the package, integrate with Cloud Assembly and other Infrastructure services and be able to provide an “OpenShift Cluster as a Service” offering. This Fling automates the end to end deployment process. End users can simply request for and get an enterprise grade distributed instance of OpenShift Cluster. This Fling provides all the required packages to configure and deploy an enterprise production grade OpenShift cluster using VMware Cloud Assembly Services with minimal effort and in a repeatable, fully automated fashion.


  • Operating System: Red Hat Enterprise 7.5
  • Active Red Hat Subscription (to get the packages)
  • OpenShift Version: 3.11
  • An account in VMware Cloud on AWS or Private/Public vSphere environment (this solution was tested on vSphere 6.7)
  • An account in VMware Cloud Services with access to Cloud Assembly Services (CAS). It is assumed that rest of the configuration is already done in CAS to do a successful VM deployment
  • SaaS enabled vRealize Orchestrator (version 7.6)
  • A Windows 2016 server working as PowerShell Host (Windows PowerShell version 5.1.14393.3053)
  • Windows 2016 Server (AD, DNS and NTP server roles)


Please see the instructions within the download.



Version 1.1

  • Updated / Revalidate for Red Hat Enterprise Server 7.7
  • Updated / Revalidate for minor changes in bash scripts
  • Updated/ Revalidate for Ansible playbooks

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