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Python Client for VMC on AWS

version 1.6.5 — September 28, 2021

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Release Date: April 20, 2020


Python Client for VMware Cloud on AWS Fling is a Python-based tool. Written in Python, the tool enables VMware Cloud on AWS users to automate the consumption of their VMware Cloud on AWS SDDC.

Note this is not to interact with your VMware Cloud on AWS vCenter but to run tasks such as creating and deleting networks, setting up security groups and services and building network security rules on the Management and Compute Gateways.

Contributions to the open source project this Fling is based on are welcome! Head to this GitHub page for more details.


VMware Cloud on AWS version 1.9 and later:


Detailed instructions can be downloaded in the instructions tab or can be found on the following blog posts:


Version 1.6.5

  • Bugfixes - Fixed handling of blank and invalid values values for prefix scope and length
  • Feature - Update prefix attachment to allow both inbound and outbound prefix lists
  • Feature - Update show function to show BGP neighbors with multiple lists

Version 1.6.0

  • bug: Fixed display of route filters in show-t0-bgp-neighbors
  • feature: added attach-t0-prefix list, detach-t0-prefix-list

Version 1.5.2

  • New, clearer help section makes it easier to find commands
  • Improved menu for new-t0-prefix-list

Version 1.5

  • find-csp-user-by-service-role - search for any user with a specific role
  • get-csp-service-roles - list all roles assigned to the current user
  • show-t0-prefix-lists - Display any BGP prefix lists attached to the SDDC
  • show-t0-bgp-neighbors - Show all Tier0 router BGP neighbors
  • new-t0-prefix-list - Create a new Tier0 BGP prefix list
  • remove-t0-prefix-list - Delete a Tier0 BGP prefix list
  • Version 1.4

  • Added ability to display CSP groups and group members
  • Added ability to add users to a CSP group
  • Added ability to display members of a CSP org
  • Added ability to display a diff of org member permissions in an org vs roles granted to a group
  • Version 1.3

  • Added show-csp-groups and show-csp-group members functions

  • Version 1.2

  • Added a Dockerfile to build a Docker image to run PyVMC
  • Added Egress counters visibility
  • Added routing table visibility
  • Added L2VPN support
  • Added Nested Group support

  • Version 1.1

  • Added support for Distributed Firewall.
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