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PowerCLI Extensions

version — December 07, 2018

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Release Date: August 02, 2015

The VSAN Cmdlet functionality of this Fling has been integrated into a release of PowerCLI and due to this we recommend you use the latest supported version of PowerCLI, which can be downloaded here.

VMware PowerCLI is one of the most successful command line tools for managing your VMware products. With the many existing cmdlets designed for the system administrator or vSphere Admin, PowerCLI is the easiest and most powerful tool for managing your environment.

PowerCLI Extensions gives PowerCLI users access to early access functionality by extending the core PowerCLI cmdlets to include new experimental features and gives PowerCLI customers the ability to provide early feedback.


The following is a list of prerequisites needed for using PowerCLI Extensions, please ensure you meet these requirements as other versions may not have been tested and cannot be guaranteed to work.

  • VMware vSphere PowerCLI 6.0 R1 or higher
  • PowerShell V2 or higher

Please follow the below steps to ensure the PowerCLI Extensions is installed correctly in your environment:

  1. Install PowerCLI (Latest release recommended)
  2. Download the PowerCLI Extensions module from the download button on the left, for PowerCLI 6.3 R1 and later please use the file, for previous versions use the file.
  3. Right Click the zip file and go to properties, if you have an Unblock button at the bottom press it to unblock the file to prevent a Security Warning when importing the module.
  4. To install the PowerShell module - extract the downloaded ZIP file to your modules directory, for example
  5. (C:\Users\MyUser\Documents\WindowsPowerShell\Modules). For additional information on how to install a PowerShell module, see: Installing Modules
  6. Verify that in the above folder there is a sub-folder called VMware.VimAutomation.Extensions. The full path is



  • Updated PowerCLI.Extensions Module to be compatible with VMware PowerCLI 11.0.0

Version 1.0

  • New download available for PowerCLI 6.5 only