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PowerCLI Core

version 1.10 — April 18, 2017

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Release Date: October 07, 2016


PowerCLI Core has been officially released as part of PowerCLI 10.0. This Fling is no longer under development and future multi-platform support will be a part of PowerCLI 10.0.

PowerCLI Core uses Microsoft PowerShell Core and .Net Core to enable users of Linux, Mac and Docker to now use the same cmdlets which were previously only available on windows.

PowerCLI Core enables a multi-platform scripting language which will allow you to manage your VMware infrastructure on any OS. Scripts written previously against the windows version are now made portable to a number of operating systems and can simply be loaded and run on these new OS versions without change.


See Microsoft supported PowerShell Core versions for OS Support. This Fling works with VMware vCenter Server 5.5 or later

See the Instructions.pdf for more information.


See the Instructions.pdf for more information.


April 18 2017

  • Included CIS module for working with vSphere REST API features
  • Updated instructions and multiple issues fixed