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fling logo of PowerCLI Cmdlet for NFS

PowerCLI Cmdlet for NFS

version 1.0 — April 21, 2015

The functionality of this Fling is integrated into PowerCLI 6.0 R2. Whenever possible, use the latest supported version of PowerCLI, which can be downloaded here.


VMware PowerCLI is one of the most successful command line tools for managing your VMware products. With many existing cmdlets designed for the system administrator or vSphere Admin, PowerCLI is the easiest and most powerful tool for managing your environment.

In the recent release of vSphere 6.0, we announced new features like NFS 4.1 support. This Fling adds a PowerShell module with PowerCLI cmdlets for managing vSphere NFS Users, required for the Kerberos-based authentication process of NFS version 4.1 Datastore. The Fling is an extension module for the PowerCli 6.0R1 release.

You can load this Fling as a module to your PowerCli 6.0R1 installation. To see how to install, please follow the Instructions section of this Fling.


  • vSphere 6.0
  • Windows operating system
  • .NET version 4.5 or later
  • Powershell version 3 or later
  • PowerCli 6.0R1


  1. Unzip to some location (say: C:\Dev\)
  2. Run PowerCli
  3. Run the following commands in PowerCli:
    C:\PS>$env:PSModulePath = $env:PSModulePath + ";C:\Dev\"
    C:\PS>import-module VMware.VimAutomation.Storage.Fling
    C:\PS>get-command -Module VMware.VimAutomation.Storage.Fling

To see how you can manage NFS 4.1 features in the vSphere 6.0 release using existing and new cmdlets, see the following workflow:

NFS v4.1 Workflow using PowerCLI:

# Variables
> $vmhost = Get-VMHost 'host_ip'
> $ntp1 = 'ntp_server_ip'
> $dns1 = 'dns_server_1_ip'
> $dns2 = 'dns_server_2_ip'
> $dnsSearch = 'search_dns_domain_name'
> $domain = 'active_directory_domain_name'
> $ADuser = 'user_name'
> $ADpasswd = 'password'

# Set up NTP servers
> add-vmhostntpserver -vmhost $vmhost -ntpserver $ntp1

# Set DNS server and search domain
> $vmhostnetwork = get-vmhostnetwork -vmhost $vmhost
> set-vmhostnetwork -network $vmhostnetwork -DnsFromDhcp $false -dnsaddress $dns1,$dns2 -DomainName $dnsSearch -searchdomain $dnsSearch

# Join the machine to the domain
> $getvmhost | get-vmhostauthentication | Set-VMHostAuthentication -JoinDomain -Domain $domain -Username $ADuser -Password $ADpasswd -confirm:$false

# Get the user credentials (provide username, password, in the window)
> $credential = Get-Credential

# Create an NFS user on the VMHost
> New-NfsUser -VMHost $vmhost -Credential $credential

# Create an NFS v4.1 datastore. New-Nfs41Datastore is a sample function that we provide as a script, along with this fling.
> New-Nfs41Datastore -Name "nfs_datastore_name" -VMHost $vmhost -RemotePath "nfs_datastore_remote_path" -AccessMode readWrite -SecurityType SEC_KRB5 -RemoteHostNames "remote_host_1_ip","remote_host_2_ip"

# Retrieve the datastore
> $ds = Get-Datastore "nfs_datastore_name"

# Remove the datastore
> Remove-Datastore $ds -VMHost $vmhost

# Get NFS User on a VM Host
> $user = Get-NfsUser -VMHost $vmhost

# Update the passowrd of NFS User
> $user = Set-NfsUser -NfsUser $user -Password "new_password"

# Remove the NFS User
> Remove-NfsUser -NfsUser $user

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